Lost Ark Bracelet Tier List & Damage Chart (2024)

Even a small part of an accessory, like a piece of jewelry, can surprisingly change the way you build your character. This Lost Ark Bracelet Tier List & Damage Chart is here to help you choose the best equipment.

Best Bracelets in Lost Ark, Ranked

Bracelets in Lost Ark are a unique accessory used to equip combat bonuses and boost combat stats, such as DPS or Skill damage. We've created a tier list for the bracelets in Lost Ark as well as their damage so you can decide which ones are best for you.

SCirculate, Fervor, Hammer
AAmbush, Battle, Precise
BDagger, Expose Weakness
CRaid, Superiority
DHarvest, Sawtooth Blade, Weapon Power, Wedge

Lost Ark Bracelet Tier List


  • Circulate - The benefits from Circulate last for 30 seconds at a time. During the first 10 seconds, Skill Damage is boosted between 3% and 4%. In the next 10 seconds, the Critical Rate is increased between 5% and 7%. For the last 10 seconds, Critical Damage is boosted between 8% and 12%.
  • Fervor - If you land an attack while wearing Fervor and your HP is above 40%, you'll increase your damage by 3% to 4% for three seconds. This is especially helpful when you are in a larger battle or up against a formidable foe and need to land an extra hard punch.
  • Hammer - While you have Hammer equipped, if you land an attack you'll receive a Critical Damage buff of anywhere from 8% to 12%. Hammer's effects last eight seconds, which is enough time to put in some real damage.

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  • Ambush - The Ambush bracelet affects your Back Attack damage. When you equip Ambush, your Back Attack damage will be boosted by 3% to 4%. While this isn't a huge increase, the small bump in stats can be enough to make a difference in battle.
  • Battle - Like Ambush, the Battle bracelet will give you a 3% to 4% damage boost. Instead of impacting Back Attack, however, Battle increases your Frontal Attack damage, which is helpful if you are a player who prefers to charge into battle, either as a fighter or an ally supporter.
  • Precise -When you land an attack while wearing the Precise bracelet, your Critical Rate will receive a 2% to 4% boost. The higher your Critical Rate, the better chance you have of landing a Critical Hit, so it's worth it to equip everything and anything that will bump that skill.


  • Dagger - Dagger stabs at your target's Defense. When you land an attack while wearing Dagger, you'll lower your target's Defense from between 1.8% to 2.5%. This creates the perfect opportunity to slide in and land some hits.
  • Expose Weakness - This bracelet gives you a peek at your enemy's soft side. When you wear this bracelet and land an attack, you will decrease your target's Critical Resistance between 1.8% and 2.5%.


  • Raid - Like Superiority, the Raid bracelet is helpful in niche instances but is not an ideal bracelet to equip all the time. Landing an attack while wearing Raid will increase your Critical Damage by 4% to 8%. This effect, however, does not stack, which means you are limited to a smaller Critical Damage boost than other bracelets.
  • Superiority - A decent bracelet for boosting your Damage by a small percentage. When you land an attack with Superiority your Damage will increase by 2% to 3%. Like Raid, though, this effect does not stack so it's not as useful a bracelet as those in the above tiers.

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  • Harvest - If you land an attack while wearing the Harvest bracelet, you have a 3% chance to get a Spirit boost for 60 seconds. This boost will increase your Weapon Power up to 250. In addition, this benefit is stackable up to 10 times. This is an alright bracelet when the effect actually works.
  • Sawtooth Blade - Like other D tier bracelets in this list, the chance to actually use the ability that comes with this bracelet is relatively small. Every time you land a hit while wearing the Sawtooth Blade bracelet, you'll have between a 2% to 5% chance to deal 100% Critical Damage.
  • Weapon Power - The Weapon Power bracelet is okay earlier in the game but becomes more useless as you level up. Wearing this bracelet will increase your Weapon Power between 1600 to 2200. When you already have a relatively high Weapon Power, though, this increase won't make too much of a difference.
  • Wedge - While wearing the Wedge bracelet guarantees that you'll receive the Wedge boost, the effect doesn't last for very long and doesn't do too much. The Wedge boost starts working when you land an attack and lasts for eight seconds. During this time, your Damage will increase between 0.35% to 0.5%.

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Lost Ark Bracelet Tier List & Damage Chart (2024)


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