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Joestar PlatinumJoe·2/23/2024in Suggestions

  1. (Edited) Deepbounds have an innate talent called "Deep Instinct" which will make appear as text above the screen when a monster is nearby. Depending on the level of the player relative to the difficulty of the monster, it will say "Your predator is nearby, it is snarling" when it is a megalodaunt, or "Your prey merely scuttles, an easy target." if a gigamed is nearby or if the player's level is high relative to the easiness to the monster it will say "Your prey snarls" for a megalodaunt instead. If multiple mobs are nearby in a close proximity to each other, you'll receive a text that reads "A group of predators awaits, searching for easy prey...". It would encourage Deepbounds to progress somewhat outside of Castle Light with some caution, which will let them know if they're about to get jumped by like 5 big baddies at the same time. Before you say this is a bit too overpowered, it's only a notification that tells you that you're close to being done for, and can help in some cases for finding monsters yknow?

  2. Add a Deepbound exclusive NPC (or through being an ally with the Divers that's fine), that is able to check how much bell progress you have similar to Sibex and tell you your preferred path that costs 100 notes. That way Deepbounds don't have to run all the way up to Sibex himself simply to check their bell progression.

  3. Deepbound early game is so boring, you just wait for monsters that probably either barely show up or 5 of them show up at the same time (god forbid you aren't 2 feet too much away from making it to castle light), so maybe make Castle light a little bigger and add NPCs that give you small non-combat quests like "Can you deliver my armor to the blacksmith for repairing?" and you go there and get some Diver rep along with some exp and a free Mantra hooray! Perhaps carrying downed divers and saving them from being knocked by putting them in a hospital-like place for Divers to heal up will give you a good amount of Diver Rep along with a decent chunk of experience. We did hear about a research platoon that the Divers are more commonly known for, and Akira did mention that a Diver brings back Relics and Artifacts was the main job of a Diver, so maybe that'd be cool as well to flesh out on.

  4. Really funny idea, a Mudskipper raid that can be initiated by 4 players that are below level 10 by ringing a bell with a cooldown of 30 minutes in the server slightly outside the outskirts of Castle Light. Basically a zombie apocalypse except Mudskippers raid castle light similar to the Etris Siege event. Talking to the Castle Light Guards will make them say dialogue like "Do you hear that? There's rumbling down below... I don't like how this is going, keep your guard up in case something nasty happens..." then a minute later BAM, hundreds of Mudskippers pop out from the floor as hordes upon hordes of different types pop up, flame mudskipper mages standing on high vantage points, and a horde of Mudskippers aimed at reaching castle light moving at small speeds towards castle light. Fast lightning mudskippers running at noticeably fast speed towards castle light, foot soldier mudskippers making their way towards castle light slowly, a ton of bloatskippers covering the back of the horde detonating themselves to propel the horde, brute mudskippers trembling the floor with every stomp, and mudskippers riding on 4 legged mudskippers moving at a slightly faster speed. On the other side would be a bunch of apprentice divers guarding the entrance of the wall, and a small group of black divers at the front leading them. Then they just duke it out, and after it all ends a bunch of chests spawn in with some pretty decent loot. It would be super fun to see a full on army attack and divers being cool for once fr fr.

  5. Hmmm wouldn't it be nice if there were some fruits growing on the tree at the entrance of Castle Light? Vegetarian Deepbound W pls?

(Edited by Joestar PlatinumJoe)

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